The Dentistry Center Jomadent


PW Pasek is executing building works of the modern dentistry center Jomadent in Dabrowa Gornicza, 3-go Maja Street 40. The designed building has 1206 m2 area and it is constructed in the form of similar cuboids – rectangle horizontal projection – dimensions 27x27 m. The three-storey part - height 12,8 m is covered by shed roof, the two-storey- height 8,3 m is covered by flat roof. The primal construction of the building is made from concrete columns and reinforced concrete floors. The building is going to be finished (turnkey construction) till the end of March 2012.

budownictwo przemysłowe

Our Achievements:

Silesian Oskar

Bronze Polish Eagle Construction

International Construction Award

Building of the Year

Great Prize Presidental Chamber of Building

budownictwo przemysłowe

PW M. Pasek Sp. j., 42-500 Będzin, ul.Małobądzka 101, tel: +48 32 761 53 80, fax: +48 32 761 53 77, e-mail:

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