Housing Estate Nowe Warpie


A new luxury housing estate Nowe Warpie in Bedzin (Krakowska Street) is being build by PW Pasek Company. Three four-storey apartment blocks and twenty two houses are going be erected between 2009 and 2011. The investment covers also children's playground, green areas, security, fencing and tele-technical infrastructure.

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Our Achievements:

Silesian Oskar

Bronze Polish Eagle Construction

International Construction Award

Building of the Year

Great Prize Presidental Chamber of Building

budownictwo przemysłowe

PW M. Pasek Sp. j., 42-500 Będzin, ul.Małobądzka 101, tel: +48 32 761 53 80, fax: +48 32 761 53 77, e-mail: pasek@pasek.biz.pl

See also www.deweloper.pasek.biz.pl